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'Awakening the Change Leaders of the Future'


Are you a change leader? Do you feel and believe that your contribution can inspire and change the world? Are you walking around with an unique and promising social business idea that has the potential to solve a pressing societal problem in a powerful and sustainable way and do you want to realize your social business idea as a meaningful and valuable social entrepreneur and entrepreneurial leader? Then GISEB is the right and best place for you. We inspire, awaken and develop the meaningful and valuable entrepreneurial change leader within you and help you to transform your social business idea into world-changing social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial leadership. 

We are GISEB, the institute that identifies promising change leaders with unique social business ideas in an early stage and we help them to optimally develop their highest entrepreneurial and leadership potential through our state-of-the-art coaching, education and guidance. Their success is societal success and that is why we personally make sure that these future world-changing social entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders are fully supported by our team of professionals and international network of successful entrepreneurs, (world) leaders, business leaders, researchers, teachers and other inspirational gooders. We offer these change leaders the best environment where they can grow, learn, develop and ultimately will succeed as meaningful and valuable social entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders. We awaken the change leaders of the future and together with them we create the world of tomorrow.   

That is not all. We know that organizations play an important role within society and that is why we also unleash change in the world of business. We inspire organizations to contribute to meaningful and valuable societal change through Coporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. Our CSR expert team develops organization-specific CSR activities which increase the social impact and societal involvement of the organization, while the activities also contribute to positive societal change. The activities are strongly linked to the identity, mission, vision, goals and the immediate social environment of the organization. So not only society will benefit from the impact but also the organization that undertakes the activities. Well it doesn’t stop there, we aim for sustainable change and therefore we educate their managers and develop them into powerful entrepreneurial leaders who are able to use CSR activities strategically in order to mantain or responsibly increase their desired social impact. These entrepreneurial leaders are able to lead, manage and create change in a professional and effective way. We inspire change leaders of the world of business to rise with us and be the change the world needs. 


We are GISEB, powerful change leaders just like you and together with you we create meaningful and valuable societal change. Welcome change leader, come and co-create with us. The world is waiting for you.


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